Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bullshit Monthly #26 - The fanzine returns

Well, all the bands from bygone days seem to be coming back to life, so why not fanzines, too?

I haven't considered doing another issue of Bullshit Monthly for over 20 years because I wasn't connected to the scene, but y'know I kinda am now - so here we are. I grew up doing BSM , turning from a dorky 16-yr-old to a dorky 21-year-old. Doing a fanzine allowed me to share my opinions and write and do art, and at the same time support bands and people. It isn't profound - but it never strived to be or said it was. Anyway - TA DAH! Here's Bullshit Monthly #26 (pdf).(Or page 1 and 2 as jpgs.)

BSM always mentioned whatever bands I ran into, so if you want to be mentioned in it, it isn't very tough. Email me or contact me or BSM on Facebook, or run into me in person. New recording? Going on tour? Need a drummer? Show coming up? Misc drama? New haircut? Whatever. Send anything physical you want reviewed to: Mike BS. PO Box 59321. San Jose, CA 95159.

I know I definitely can't do it monthly anymore (it's more work than it looks like, trust me). But if nothing else it's great to connect with people again. - MBS

Bullshit Monthly #26 (pdf) (August, 2013) (Or page 1 and 2 as jpgs.)

PS - I wrote the No Mistake song "Copied Folded and Stapled" about fanzines. You can find it here.

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