Monday, April 3, 2017

Little Things #1 + Seat Flipper #1

I've been doing flyers and fanzines going back to the mid-1980's, but these are the first that are specifically political. And I've never really donated money to politicians before or gone to weekly meetings – so that's new, too. But these are truly different times.

Here are the first issues of Little Things and Seat FlipperThey're 1/2-page fanzines (4.25" x 11"). Enjoy, share, and if you like them feel free to print and distribute them (see the pdf). And hey, if you want to go start your own thing – whatever it is. Here are high res versions of Little Things #1 and Seat Flipper #1, and a two-up pdf of both you can print copies from.

Note: NO ONE asked or paid to be included. This is all by me. Don't like it? Don't blame them. (and PS - Tough shit.)

All the best, and more to come. Drop me an email if you'd like. Mike B. March, 2017

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