Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Seat Flipper #1.5 + Little Things #1.3

Here's the third sheet, everyone – a mash-up of Seat Flipper #1-1/2 and Little Things #1-1/3. It's even interactive, so you can fill in if the good guys win on April 25 or not.

Here's a high-res jpg, and also a two-up pdf if you want to print some out and distribute them. Please do, and thanks! Just one vertical cut and you're done! (Also here's Seat Flipper #1 and Little Things #1.)

As before: NO ONE asked or paid to be included. This is all by me. Don't like it? Don't blame them (and tough shit).

More to come. Drop me an email if you like. Mike B. April, 2017

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