Monday, February 1, 2010

Weird Arachnophobia Woman

OK - I couldn't even make this one up if I wanted to:

I'm on a bike ride, last leg, almost home, and there's this car parked on the side of the road, warning lights flashing, both doors straight out (the last of which, of course, is of most concern to me since I'm on a frikkin bicycle.) As I'm about to pass, this sobbing hysterical woman asks me to stop, which I decide to very very cautiously do.

She tells me that she has sever arachnophobia and that she thought she saw a spider in her car so she had to stop and get out before she crashed.

Uh huh.

Well, I played along a little bit - stopping my bike, reaching into her car door to feel around and glance in (I did not get in the car, of course, or even really lean into it) and backed away, saying some comforting things and heading on my merry way.

Was this some scam? Was she for real? Damned if I know and I never will know (unless she turns up on the news or something). But if nothing else, is just shows how interesting and random life can be. You think you're going for a simple bike ride and then here's looney tunes spider-woman.

Can't beat that.

Elegy for that Possum

Poor possum guy. Picked you up this morning first thing, you being stiff and in the middle of the street, some red splattered around you. You all live here, we live here – but we’re not so good at sharing space. Your life ended too soon–nothing you or I could’ve done about it.

I’m so sorry. I’ll apologize for us – someone should, but no one does. None of us chooses to accept responsibility. But you’re still dead and I truly am sorry.