Friday, March 27, 2015

Bullshit Monthly - Issues from the 80's!

Yo - relive the 80's - or enjoy Hardcore news and shit from from the 80's without having to actually have been there. 12 issues for you to freely read, download, whatever. Cool or what?

Bullshit Monthly #4 (March, 1985) - Agnostic Front, Rights of the Accused.
Bullshit Monthly #5 (April, 1985) - Articles of Faith, Aggression, Psychos, Sheer Terror, MIA, Never More
Bullshit Monthly #6 (May, 1985) - Adrenalin OD, Damage, Ill Repute, Cro-Mags, Venom/Slayer/Exodus at Studio 54 review by Howie
Bullshit Monthly #7 (June, 1985) - Bodies in Panic, Exploited, Malignant Tumor, No Remorse 
Bullshit Monthly #8 (July, 1985) - Battalion of Saints, Sand in the Face, Tank, crossword puzzle (good fucking luck with that...) 
Bullshit Monthly #9 (August, 1985) - Broken Talent, Scab, Letch Patrol, Upright Citizens 
Bullshit Monthly #10 (Sept, 1985) - Murphy's Law, Crumbsuckers, Horror Planet, False Prophets, Token Entry, "Some Records is now a store" ad
Bullshit Monthly #11 (Oct-Nov, 1985) - RKL, A.P.P.L.E, Ultra Violence (Note: I just turned 17!)
Bullshit Monthly #13 (July, 1986) - DOA, Ludichrist, Doggy Style, Circle Jerks, Agnostic Front
Bullshit Monthly #17 (Dec, 1987) - Leeway, Krakdown, Necros, Murphy's Law, Nausea, Desecrator (?)
Bullshit Monthly #18 (April, 1988) - Sick of it All, Underdog, SFA, Sheer Terror, Icemen
Bullshit Monthly #19 (April, 1989) - Lotsa news and shit, S.H.A.R.P. interview
Current Bullshit #1 (Jan, 2013) - My thoughts and observations and shit like that.
Hey - here's newer issues BSM #26, (Aug, 2013), #27 (Oct, 2013), #28 (Jan, 2014), #29 (Apr 2014) and #30 (Jan, 2015). too.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bullshit Monthly #30 - Plenty o' Hardcore

Hey - I hit the 30 year anniversary of my first hardcore show, so doing Bullshit Monthly #30 seemed liked a no-brainer.

Five full pages again. The focus is almost exclusively on current bands making good, solid, hardcore music, & there's also an interview with Martin Crudo on Needles.

It's tough to write the reviews and have them not all be "here's a great hardcore band, check them out" but y'know, BSM is about finding good solid hardcore bands and letting you know about them, so there ya have it. I'm spending a little more space on each band - hope that comes across. There are links to all the bands in the PDF. (Here are JPGs, too - pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

So, here we go again. Enjoy! (And share the link)

Hardcore for life – Mike Bullshit

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