Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bullshit Monthly #27 - The fanzine continues

Returning with Bullshit Monthly #26 in August was a surprise - to everyone, including me. And now I've gone from TWO pages to FOUR, with some short interviews - Noah from Stressors, Sid and Chris from Mental Abuse, Stephanie Chang (who books shows here in San Jose); plus news, pics, tour stories and other bullshit from Fast Asleep, Judge, No Statik, Sheer Terror, Zero Progress, Venkman, etc. - and even a section of record buy/sell/trade lists. So here's Bullshit Monthly #27 (pdf) (or jpgs p 1, 2, 3, 4)

And check it out: I added some LINKS in the pdf, so if you see a band mention or review you can click and be brought to them. Pretty cool huh? (If you're reading the jpgs you won't have that.)

As always, contact me on FB or via email if you want to be be mentioned or have news or gossip or whatever, or you want to submit photos and art. And check out the Bullshit Monthly FB page. And send anything physical to be reviewed to: Mike BS. PO Box 59321. San Jose, CA 95159.

PS - Share this link. Having 800 blog hits on issue #26 was rather awesome.