Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bullshit Monthly #29 - Hardcore, and lots of it!

Drum roll please... (followed by mosh part) - here's Bullshit Monthly #29!

Five full pages this time, chock full of great hardcore bands. If you can't find anything here that moves you you're either deaf, or confused, or both. There are in-person interviews with Anti-You and Ali who ran shows at The Swamp for 4 years The PDF has links to all the bands and shows. (Or here's JPGs, too - pages 1234, and 5)

Share the link, support the scene, support the bands, support zines. Fanzines forever! Start your own. And also check out BSM #28, 27, and 26. (#26 has links to BSM issues from the 80's, when I was 16-20 years old and said "Rad" a lot.)

Getting into Bullshit Monthly isn't tough. Assuming your band doesn't totally suck, just contact me via the Bullshit Monthly FB page, or email me or whatever. Mail anything physical you want reviewed to: Mike BS. P.O. Box 59321. San Jose, CA 95159.

All the best - Mike Bullshit

PS - UPDATES: Oops – forgot once again to focus on San Jose's long-running Anti-Social (around since 86!). They fall on the punkier side of the punk/HxC spectrum, are worth checking out. Also the Brotherhood LP mentioned on page 1 is in process of being REISSUED right this second! Look for it. And lastly… word on the street is there's an upcoming Coke Bust show, like really soon, in a rather unlikely location. Watch for it.